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5 Easy Ways For Realtors To Improve A Real Estate Website

As a realtor, you may have experienced a sea change in the last few years. Potential homebuyers are using different ways to locate and buy homes, with the journey often starting with online market research and what they want out of their future home. This is where digital marketing has come to the help of realtors across the globe. Whether it's about generating new leads or completing successful sales, the real estate industry is now counting on digital marketing more than ever.

In today's new normal, people prefer browsing real estate listings. If you've got a substandard real estate website into which you haven't put much thought, you are surely missing out on what could have been a highly profitable stream of revenue that really wouldn’t take much effort to tap into in the first place.

Let us find out how you can improve your real estate website.

  1. Start a blog: Your real estate website is likely to get as much as 55 percent more leads if you have a value-adding, unique, and engaging blog. By offering fresh, purposeful, and relevant content, you can easily draw people to your website. To get started, you should post at least once or twice a week on topics that would interest anyone visiting your real estate website. A good way to come up with a blog is to first ask yourself what questions your clients have asked you. Thereafter, you can take one of those questions and transform it into a blog post where you'll be speaking directly to your customers.

  2. Show, don’t tell: Great blog content can surely bring visitors to your website but you need to make sure they stay on the website for long and you make some money out of it. And one great way is to create videos of beautiful homes and neighborhoods. Remember, listings that incorporate video get a whopping 400 percent more inquiries.

  3. Provide step-by-step guides to buying a home: A majority of new homebuyers tend to get intimidated by the entire process of buying a home. After all, buying a home is a huge financial commitment. To calm their nerves, you should create easy step-by-step guides on what’s the entire home-buying process looks like. You can create a series of blog posts or videos on each step.

  4. Avoid excessive ads and pop-ups: You obviously want people to subscribe to your newsletters but excessive advertisements and pop-ups can be a real turn-off to people visiting your real estate website. All you need is to ensure your website delivers an unobtrusive experience for your prospective clients.

  5. Optimise your site for mobile: Today, new homebuyers prefer searching on mobile devices. Therefore, you should make sure your real estate website is optimised for mobile devices.

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