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All About D365 Supply Chain Management For Sourcing And Procurement

In today's evolving business environment, it's imperative for every success-driven supply chain organization to leverage a reliable ERP to maintain stability. This is where Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management steps in and offers a 360-degree view of operations, lowers costs, and increases profitability.

Let us explore how your organization can leverage Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management for sourcing and procurement functions.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, a popular Software-as-a-Service solution, can be leveraged by organizations with all the required functionalities to deal with evolving global sourcing and procurement challenges. Organizations of all sizes can utilize Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to seamlessly set up product catalogs so that users are guided at every stage of product selection and purchase. They can leverage the D65 Supply Chain Management instance to share product specifications, submit quotation requests, submit purchase inquiries to vendors, receive bids from vendors, and set up vendor catalogs.

As far as sourcing and procurement are concerned, you can easily set up purchase order workflows to submit for approval within D365 Supply Chain Management. It can also be used to create trade agreements and capture negotiated pricing and discounts within purchase agreements.

Find out how your organization can redefine business processes using Dynamics 365 SaaS products. Call our Dynamics 365 experts today.

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