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All About Dynamics 365 For Connected Spaces

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces, which was previously known as Dynamics 365 Connected Store, is all set to get a big revamp.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces bring together artificial intelligence and computer vision to help transform the retail store experience. It delivers real-time actionable recommendations by utilizing data from video cameras to enhance customer experiences and make retail store operations more efficient.

One of the best things about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces is that it helps you ensure that the requirements of customers are met quickly and effectively. This is done by equipping store employees and managers with actionable alerts that are triggered by store activities like long checkout lines. Furthermore, it facilitates the standardization of automated and sensor-driven reporting that is available at the moment for immediate action. Also, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces can help you optimize staffing and merchandising decisions using AI-driven insights around the shoppers of your store on any given day and time.

You can even leverage the out-of-the-box dashboard to delegate tasks to the right team members or utilize charts, heat maps, and graphs to visualize the events that take place in your physical space.

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