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Altoura Formalizes Agreement With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Group

Altoura, a Microsoft co-sell partner, has announced a formal agreement with Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Business Group to align both go-to-market and technology efforts more closely. Altoura has integrated with the Dynamics 365 Guides and Power Apps so it becomes easier to import instructional guides into Altoura and to unify data from multiple sources to create interactive, immersive dashboards and reports as part of the market-leading immersive training capabilities of Altoura.

"Our native integration with Dynamics 365 Guides allows us to deliver complete solutions to customers that take full advantage of Microsoft's powerful cloud, device, and business application technologies," said Jamie Fleming, CEO of Altoura. "And our enterprise customers love that Altoura works seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Guides, Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, Power Apps, and HoloLens 2."

Altoura will sell Dynamics 365 Guides, Power Apps, and HoloLens 2 along with its own platform in an offering called Train-to-Work® which is regarded as the only complete training solution to span offsite to onsite environments. It helps frontline workers learn by simulating work on virtual models inside Altoura so they are already skilled and can transition to using AR assistance with Dynamics 365 Guides to complete their tasks in real-time when they show up for work at their physical location.

The user interfaces and training experience are consistent across both virtual and physical environments significantly accelerating learning and improving worker confidence.

"Altoura, combined with Dynamics 365 Guides running on HoloLens 2, delivers significant value to our joint customers by eliminating instructor-led training while reducing training cycle times and improving knowledge retention" said Rody Senner, General Manager of Mixed Reality Sales at Microsoft.

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