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Christmas CRM Marketing Ideas For Retail

Christmas is unarguably the most wonderful time of the year for retailers. If you are yet to start tailoring your marketing strategy to win your customers, it's high time that you make a solid and immediate start as you can bet your competitors are already making serious efforts to hit their seasonal targets.

Top Christmas Marketing Ideas For Santastic Sales

Personalised marketing is a proven strategy to increase positive associations between consumers, brand, and ROI. But what good is personalisation without a well-organised CRM and the right customer data?

Merge online & offline

With the whopping amount of data your CRM holds about your customers, the topmost priority ahead of you should be to put it to use. Using contact information gained through online orders, you can create some serious and significant real-world footfall in your physical stores.

To get started, you can segment your database by location to launch targeted marketing strategies. It is worthwhile to note here that 51 percent of consumers are more likely to enter a physical store and purchase something if they have received an enticing and value-driven offer on their mobile devices while they were nearby. Sending details to your existing and potential customers about a once-a-year offer and more specifically only available in a particular location will make them far more inclined to find out what it's all about.

Capture psychographic data

A majority of retailers segment their target audience by demographics. However, segmentation of customers based on psychographic traits can be far more effective. Psychographic segmentation looks at shared personality beliefs, traits, lifestyles, attitudes, preferences, values, interests, and other factors. The best thing is to start as early as possible and make requests to customers for feedback (in-store, email, or in-person), and keep this information securely in your CRM.

Alternatively, you can work with what you've already got, marketing engagement metrics, and data of previous purchase habits. Moreover, you should plan for incentives for your most loyal customers.

Last-minute convenience

It may sound surprising to some but one-third of customers on average leave all their festive shopping until the week before Christmas. By targeting deals towards persuasion and enticement, you can bring those customers who have not visited your online or offline store. The best way to do this is by becoming the convenient answer to the inevitable last-minute panic situations. For this, you can send promotional emails to customers who left it to the last minute last year. Remind them in the run-up to when shipping closes for Christmas.

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