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How The “Nested” Dynamic Group Functionality In Azure AD Works?

Looking to gain invaluable insights into the functionality of nested dynamic groups? Want to find out how they work to distribute permissions, access, licenses, and more? If your answers are in the affirmative, this blog will surely be of great interest to you.

Nested Dynamic Groups refer to a new dynamic group functionality to help Azure Active Directory (AKA “Azure AD”) users seamlessly create nested dynamic groups using existing groups as templates. For instance, users with the right permissions can quickly populate dynamic groups and add members of other select groups using the memberOf attribute. 

Users can now leverage memberOf groups and use the functional memberOf attribute in the Azure portal, PowerShell, and Microsoft Graph. Furthermore, users can be added from a wide range of existing groups like Microsoft 365 groups, security groups, and any group in an on-premises Active Directory installation.

Nested Dynamic Groups can be explored by User Administrators, Intune Administrators, or Global Administrators with the help of a premium license. To get started, they need to sign in to your Azure portal and then navigate to the Groups section of Azure Active Directory. They can then click on the option to add a new group. They then need to furnish the group details and choose a group type from either Microsoft 365 or Security. Thereafter, you can choose a membership type for all group members while setting up the group.

Thereafter, you need to select either Dynamic Device or Dynamic User to use the new memberOf attribute after choosing a membership type for all members of the group while setting up the group. You can then click on “Add dynamic query” to proceed to the next step. You can then use the “Edit” option to create your rule in the rule syntax box and click “Ok” to save your edits and then click “Create group.”

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