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How To Leverage Dynamics 365 With Azure Blob Storage?

Cloud-based storage offered by Microsoft, Azure Storage Blob is generally leveraged by organizations of all sizes to store and retrieve Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) or files. It was recently announced that Dynamics 365 now provides a unique way so that users can easily store and retrieve attachments with Microsoft Azure Blob.

The capability is still officially in preview mode but it does make Azure Blob an alternative storage solution for Dynamics 365 solutions. Until it becomes live, you can utilize Azure Blob functions in a non-production mode on a trial basis.

One of the biggest benefits of using Azure storage Blob with Dynamics 365 is that it helps you set up a cloud messaging store, a cloud file service system, and a NoSQL store. In the event of a hardware failure, the inherent redundancy of Azure Blob can be utilized to keep critical information safe and protected.

If this is not all, Azure Blob has the unique ability to scale to meet your Dynamics 365 application data performance and storage requirements. On top of that, developers can leverage Microsoft libraries to develop applications in popular languages such as Java, C#, Python, and PHP.

Find out how your organization can handle the intricacies of integrating Dynamics 365 Azure Blob storage to support your cloud transition needs. Call or email us now at C.I.G Consultants.


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