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How To Manage Partner Relationships With Microsoft Power Apps Partner Portal Template?

Today's tech-savvy customers want quick information at the click of a button. They no longer want to wait for endless hours to find the information they want at a time and place convenient to them. It's no surprise that there is an ever-growing demand for improved self-service capabilities.

According to Statista, 88 percent of U.S. customers want organisations to have self-service options. Moreover, it is not just your customers that appreciate this functionality. As the lines between B2C and B2B continue to go blur, employees and other stakeholders also expect quick and easy access to information and this is where Microsoft Power Apps Partner Portal Templates come into the picture.

From the perspective of partners, the self-service option streamlines how they would do like to do business with your organisation. From the customer perspective, the self-service option empowers customers to take unchallenged control of their customer journey. Power App portals, which are a natural extension to the Power Platform, helps organisations quickly and effortlessly set up self-service portals. Built on the Dataflex Pro/Customer Data Service (CDS) or CRM, Power App portals can be defined as a powerful avenue for internal as well as external users who want to engage with your organisation via personalised self-service portals.

One of the best things about Power App portals is that information from your organisation's CRM is shown in a mobile-web responsive website that can be accessed by internal and external users anytime anywhere. Furthermore, the website is built on Bootstrap that makes it easy for your organisation to reap the optimum benefits of a high-resolution and branded website. If this is not all, the no-code/low-code solution helps in simplifying and streamlining the creation and deployment of self-service applications.

Some of the biggest benefits of Power App portals include:

  1. Enhanced customer, employee, and partner satisfaction

  2. Realisation of additional value via integration with Power BI and other Microsoft solutions

  3. Improved business outcomes in the short and the long run via faster, more informed, and improved business decision making

  4. Stringent security features and measures to protect critical and valuable business data

Provisioning a Portal

The Power Apps portal comes powered with a series of predefined templates so that you can quickly and effortlessly set up a portal based on the specific requirements of your organisation.

  • Community Portal. An excellent way to create and share polls, forums, and blogs with internal and external users.

  • Customer Self-Service. The primary purpose of this portal is to enable case management. It helps customers create their own cases via the portal instead of calling the customer service department.

  • Partner Portal. It helps in the efficient management of leads and opportunities, especially when your teams find it time-consuming and complicated to manage the pipeline of customers and vendors you work with.

  • Employee Self-Service. The internal staff of your organisation can use this portal to leverage knowledge-based articles to find easy and quick solutions to specific issues or questions. Such portals can also be used to cut down on time and ensure proper submission of information.

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