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Language Interpretation Generally Available In Microsoft Teams Meetings

Language Interpretation has been made generally available in Microsoft Teams Meetings. This feature has been developed to support users and customers who are required to communicate in the virtual world across languages.

It will assist professional interpreters to convert the message of the speaker to a different language without disrupting the original flow or delivery of the speaker. This simultaneous interpretation will facilitate more inclusive meetings where participants speaking different languages can fully collaborate with each other.

One of the best things about the language interpretation feature is that it helps users collaborate in meetings where multiple languages are spoken. Moreover, users can now listen to a meeting in the language they are most comfortable using and the newly-introduced feature will support inclusivity in meetings by making spoken content more accessible to all participants.

Interpreters can be invited by meeting organizer(s) to meeting from Meeting options once the meeting is scheduled/saved and interpreters can start interpreting immediately after joining a meeting.

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