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Microsoft Acquires Two Hat To Collaborate On Online Safety And Digital Wellness Solutions

Microsoft has announced the acquisition of Two Hat, a leading content moderation solution provider that provides protection measures for online communities to build better experiences for everyone.

In recent times, a massive surge in harmful content shared online has resulted in a demand for proactive and effective content moderation solutions. This is primarily because content moderation is deemed a necessity to maintain engagement and ensure a positive experience over time. Microsoft and Two Hat share a common vision for leveraging advancements in moderation technology to protect and nurture diverse, global online communities.

This acquisition by Microsoft is considered by industry analysts as an important evolution of the longstanding relationship between Two Hat and Microsoft. It will blend research capabilities, highly skilled teams, innovative technology, and the most complete cloud infrastructure.

For the past few years, Two Hat and Microsoft have joined hands to implement proactive moderation technology into non-gaming and gaming experiences to detect and remove harmful content before it can reach community members. For instance, Two Hat's revolutionary technology has helped to make global communities in Minecraft, Xbox, and MSN safer for users. Two Hat's technology makes it easier for users to leverage highly configurable technology to decide what they are comfortable with and what they aren’t.

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