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Microsoft Announces Integrated Hybrid Feature In Azure Quantum

Microsoft has announced a significant quantum advancement by making its Integrated Hybrid feature in Azure Quantum available to the public.

This out-of-the-box functionality will enable quantum and classical computing to integrate seamlessly together in the cloud which is a first for the industry.

It will help researchers easily develop hybrid quantum applications with a mix of classical and quantum code together that run on one of today’s quantum machines, Quantinuum, in Azure Quantum.

Scientists require Quantum at scale to help solve the hardest, most intractable problems our society faces, like reversing climate change and addressing food insecurity. To achieve fault tolerance, Microsoft's quantum machine will be integrated with petascale classical computing in Azure and be able to handle bandwidths between quantum and classical that exceed 10-100 terabits per second.

This announcement is expected to assist today’s quantum innovators to create a new class of algorithms. For instance, they can build algorithms with adaptive phase estimation that can take advantage of performing classical computation, and iterate and adapt while physical qubits are coherent.

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