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Microsoft Teams To Add Instant Polls And Scheduled Messages

A host of new features to the Teams app have been announced by software giant Microsoft Corp. These include the ability to view 49 videos on screen, instant polls, scheduled messages, and more. “Between finding devices to ensure everyone in the meetings is included to leveraging AI enhancements for transcription, Microsoft Teams ensure that you have the information at your fingertips", the company said.

An instant poll feature for a quick check-in during Teams meetings will also be brought by Microsoft. This feature will allow users to speak aloud a poll question and other members can react to it with yes/no, thumb up/down, or heart/broken heart. Also, the app now supports PSTN dial-in, dial-out, and call-me attendees in meetings to join Breakout Rooms.

Users can also now automatically see up to 49 videos (7x7) on their screen by default without an explicit action, depending on hardware/device capabilities. Microsoft Teams users can now also accept or block a group chat invitation from an unmanaged user so that an additional safety layer for Teams users is provided.

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