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Microsoft To Enhance Dynamics 365 With Suplari Acquisition

Microsoft has announced the acquisition of Suplari, a Seattle-based vendor that supplies ‘spend intelligence’ information to manage supplier spending.

The company further said that it will combine the Suplari Spend Intelligence Cloud with its own Dynamics 365 that already has other ‘insight’ modules integrated.

The Seattle-based vendor assists organisations transform data from expenses, invoices, purchase orders, contracts, and more into actionable insights that can be leveraged for effective decision-making and keeping track of spendings. The Suplari Spend Intelligence Cloud will continue to stay in the market with no change for existing customers.

In a blog post, Microsoft remarked that the combination of Suplari Spend Intelligence Cloud and Dynamics 365 will help customers gain better financial visibility by leveraging AI in automating the analysis of current data and historical patterns.

For years, Microsoft and Suplari have been discussing a partnership and this announcement has finally happened because of the investments of Microsoft in AI and Azure Cloud that pair well with the purpose and technology Suplari brings.

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