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Microsoft Viva Sales Aims At Salesforce

Microsoft has decided to aim at Salesforce by introducing Viva Sales, “a new seller experience application.” Viva Sales allows sales reps to tag customers in Teams, Office apps, or Outlook and thus capture the data as a customer record automatically. It then leverages artificial intelligence to assist a customer move swiftly through the sales process. It also prioritizes the next steps and offers invaluable insights so sellers can get recommendations to improve customer engagement and follow-through.

Sellers rely on digital collaboration and productivity tools to connect with customers and close deals, but a lot of the insights they uncover with these tools don’t make it into the CRM,” said Paul Greenberg, founder and managing principal, of The 56 Group. “Microsoft is taking on this challenge by offering a solution that complements the CRM. Viva Sales automates the busy work, captures critical information about the customer, and helps sellers get the job done.”

“The future of selling isn’t a new system. It’s bringing the information sellers need at the right time, the right context, into the tools they know, so their work experience can be streamlined,” said Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at Microsoft. “Empowering sellers to spend more time with their customers has been our goal — and we’ve done that by reimagining the selling experience with Viva Sales.”

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