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Top Halloween Marketing Ideas For Your Spooky Online Sales

Halloween (also known as Allhalloween, All Saints’ Eve, and All Hallows’ Eve) is celebrated every year on the 31st of October by many people all over the world. It celebrates a fundamental aspect of human life: the link between the living and the dead and it is believed that the boundary between the world of living and dead became smudged on this day.

According to a recent poll by The National Retail Foundation, 74 percent of Millennial women and young parents are of the view that Halloween is far more significant this year than ever before.

Let us explore some amazingly frightening Halloween marketing ideas that are applicable to be leveraged by your in-store marketing along with some #HalloweenAtHome opportunities as well.

Optimize the Mobile Version of Your Halloween Website

Active surveys and research demonstrate the growing preference for mobile devices by online shoppers to search and buy products from anywhere anytime. Today's tech-savvy customers are finding it exciting to streamline themselves towards mobile devices rather than working on desktops. This is the primary reason why you just cannot take any risk with your mobile-unfriendly website.

Therefore, you need to optimize your existing website to be mobile-responsive or design a mobile-responsive website. This will smoothen the buying journey of your customers and it will help them deal with their purchase from your store. In addition to these tips, you should make sure that your website's online version loads faster and that the most important material is right there in the middle of the screen.

Upgrade Your Stores with Spooktacular Halloween Decorations

Spooktacular Halloween Decorations are not just for your online stores, but for your social media and other platforms as well. Remember, if your online store and social media platforms are decorated, they appeal more to customers and they then feel more inclined to purchase from you. How about sending out promotional emails with pumpkins and bats and getting festive images designed with a call to action (CTA) buttons and sale stripes?

Scary Creatives for a Scary Halloween

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook provide an excellent opportunity to pitch in the Halloween sale so your promotional messages can reach out to the target audience in real time. To get started, you can create Instagram stories, Facebook posts, and/or tweets using intriguing hashtags like #trickortreat #Halloweendeals #Halloweensales #Halloweenshopping or your own custom hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts.

Find out how your business can make the most out of this Halloween season. Call or email us at C.I.G Consultants to get more value out of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.


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