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Top Tips And Considerations For Successful CRM Integrations

Unifying data in Dataverse, Microsoft’s common data service, is always a good choice to simplify CRM projects. However, there may be instances where organisations require CRM to get connected with external data sources like websites, SQL databases, websites, and many others. In those cases, seamless integration is vital to create a single customer view across a series of touchpoints to increase competitiveness.

Let us access the most important considerations, common challenges, and how to overcome them in the context of CRM integrations.

Migration vs. Integration

Migration can be defined as a process of moving data from one system to another. It may be run once or multiple times during the timeline of a specific project to perform trial migrations. It may need a highly sophisticated solution to address challenges and anomalies or from a series of spreadsheets before data can be moved between systems.

On the other hand, integration is the bringing together of a CRM system with a third-party app. It is a continuing process where data is allowed to pass between systems to allow efficient handling of routine workflows and remove duplicated data entry.

Types of Integration

How two or more systems can be blended together is dependent on the specific requirements of an organisation. It is more focused on why is the data required in the destination system in the first place. Generally, there is a requirement to interact with data.

It is important to remember here that any integration (before its implementation) should be clearly understood by all parties. This is where a top Dynamics 365 implementation partner like C.I.G Consultants can help you map out each and every process.

If you are new to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service or want to derive more value out of your existing or new Dynamics 365 CRM, C.I.G Consultants can help you along your journey.

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