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Top Ways To Bring More Intelligence To Sales Teams With Dynamics 365

Today, sellers are finding it difficult with the rapidly-evolving changes as buyers are opting to spend less time with sales reps and becoming more digital-first in their buying journeys. In other words, there is a lot riding on every single interaction and the subsequent follow-up actions that sellers have with the buyers.

It is because of this and many more reasons that Microsoft has been investing in sales solutions that are powered by artificial intelligence (AI). For instance, Microsoft has embedded artificial intelligence directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and the newly released Microsoft Viva Sales to simplify things for sellers to receive their intelligence in their flow of work directly.

The obtained insights can be leveraged by sellers with sales conversation intelligence to quickly understand where their customers are in the sales journey. This is also welcome news for sales managers who can find out what's working best for their top sellers. The gathered information can then be utilized by them to coach the rest of the team.

If you want to gain full access to sales conversation intelligence, you can leverage Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and Viva Sales. In the upcoming months, Microsoft is all set to roll out additional sales-specific insights based on the powerful and out-of-the-box natural language processing and AI capabilities of Microsoft.

This will present suggested resources such as talking points, competitive battle cards, and product and pricing details to sellers to help them enrich their conversations with customers. They can also gain qualified, real-time guidance as they enter into conversations with customers in a Microsoft Teams meeting or customers on a call to make the most of their customer interactions.

Find out how your organization can leverage artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and conversation intelligence to truly revolutionize the sales process. Call or email us now at C.I.G Consultants now.


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