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Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 To Improve Your Customer Service?

You may have heard a thousand times that happy and satisfied customers are returning customers and even encourage others to embrace your brand.

Now comes the surprising part - a considerable majority of organisations across the world still emphasise more on customer acquisition instead than customer retention even when approximately 89 percent of happy customers are known to be returning customers. Furthermore, the cost of acquiring a new customer is almost 7 times the cost of retaining an existing customer. Yes, customer service matters just like the product, technology, design, distribution, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and other critical activities.

After all, today's consumers prefer brands that offer them the best products at the best price along with consistently exceptional overall customer experience. It is no surprise that approximately 90 percent of highly engaged and satisfied customers buy more frequently. Also, they spend 60 percent more per transaction, and have thrice the annual value compared to other customers. Moreover, about 68 percent of customers stop embracing a brand if they are upset with the kind of treatment they have received, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.

This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service steps in. It allows customer service teams to tackle all kinds of service issues with all the information at their disposal, in an efficient and methodical manner. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service guides agents with process flows to ensure support request resolutions are handled in line with the organisational rules and policies.

Let us have a brief idea of the top advantages of good customer service:

  • Customer retention correlates to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty

  • Happy customers create and nurture the online presence and goodwill of your brand

  • Customer churn reduces with exceptional customer service

  • Employee happiness correlates to customer happiness

  • Brand awareness, visibility, and acceptability increase with customer service

  • Marketing and sales spend reduce with more customer advocates

  • Company culture strengthens with enhanced customer sentiment

  • Positive reviews about the brand bring in more stakeholders such as shareholders, employees, and customers

  • Business longevity relies on happy and satisfied customers

  • Valued customer service unites business processes and goals

How Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Improve Your Customer Service?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service helps you understand the needs, wants, preferences, and expectations of your existing and potential customers proactively and not reactively. Furthermore, it helps in maximising the customer lifetime value with your business by handling complaints and returns gracefully and going out of your way to help your customer.

It is equally helpful to treat your customers respectfully and in special ways by reminding you of their life's special days and events. These insights can be leveraged to make the customer feel more connected with your brand. It also assists customer service teams to deliver excellent customer experiences by going above and beyond ‘process’ and ‘sales’ expectations.

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