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Why Does Every SME Organisation Need A CRM?

A lot of small and medium enterprises are of the view that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is meant only for big-sized and Fortune 500 organisations. CRM is essential for every organisation, irrespective of its size of operations or line of business. This is simply because an all-in-one CRM system helps organisations gain visibility and attention of the customer from every possible angle so they can emphasise on resources in the best possible ways.

Nurtures Leads And Boosts Sales

The primary advantage of CRMs for small businesses is that it proves beneficial to boost revenue and streamline sales. How? It starts with lead nurturing and management of the initial lead generation phase. A CRM guides your small or medium-sized organisation captures more leads from the website. Thereafter, these leads can be tracked throughout the sales process.

The best thing is that it makes it easier for you to nurture potential buyers in the sales pipeline (as the CRM is stocked full of new contacts) with targeted email campaigns until potential buyers are ready to make the purchase decision. This means your sales team would not be spending time on unqualified leads that would never pull the trigger. CRM also helps your sales team prioritise leads so they have more time to close deals.

Helps You Understand Customers

The best way for every organisation to serve its customers is to first understand exactly what their pain points, preferences, expectations, wants, and needs. With a CRM, it becomes easier for organisations to automatically extract, interpret, and analyse information about customers at a granular level. In other words, a CRM can help your organisation assess customer behaviour, track trends, and identify opportunities - all with just a few clicks.

Small business CRM software is highly useful for organisations with longer sales cycles or organisations that sell complex products. Data of several weeks, months, and years can be effortlessly recorded, interpreted, and analysed to improve the quality of products to stay in line with the collected feedback. This data can also be leveraged to improve the quality of customer service and formulate effective marketing campaigns and sales strategies while guiding customers throughout their journey.

Seamless Sales Strategy

CRM applications can help increase sales forecast accuracy by 42 percent, sales productivity by up to 34 percent, and sales by up to 29 percent. CRM helps in accurately identifying where existing and potential customers are in the customer cycle that helps marketers and sales reps stay organised to make sure important leads don't fall through the cracks.

Automated Target Marketing

Today's tech-savvy customers want relevant and personalised content. However, the execution of personalised marketing activities may be time-consuming, especially when marketers have to deal with disorganised data. CRM ensures that marketers have access to digestible data, which makes it easy to target and pinpoint specific key audiences. Furthermore, CRM software plays a big role in collecting invaluable data on customer preferences, expectations, and behaviour that helps marketers make better and informed decisions to significantly improve customer experiences.

With CRM software in place, your small or medium-sized organisations can delight more customers, drive more sales, and improve operational efficiencies. Opportunity management tools help you identify possible future sales, sales funnel and lead management features help you create and nurture a better and streamlined sales process, and building a sales pipeline with CRM helps you streamline your workflow. Similarly, customer support tools can guide your customer experience better while helping you understand the target audience and reduce churn as your organisation scales. With everything a CRM can do for your organisation, can you afford not to have a CRM in place?

At C.I.G Consultants, we help organisations select the right CRM for your organisation that specifically caters to their requirements, has a low learning curve, and has the capacity to scale with you.


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