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How To Debit/Reverse A Sales Credit Memo in Business Central?

Looking for help to debit out a sales credit memo? Let us find out how you can debit/reverse a sales credit memo in Business Central.

Please follow the undermentioned steps:

You will need to start by opening a general journal. To get started, you can make a quick search for "general journals" in the search bar/tell me field. You will then have to make a click on the general journal task.

You will now have to enter a posting date.

Choose the "GL account" as far as the account type is concerned. Now, select the GL account that you want the credit to hit.

You will be required to make use of a negative debit (if you notice an "amount" field in the entry, you will have to add the “Debit Amount” & “Credit Amount” fields through the "Personalize" tool. You should also make sure that the document type is left blank.

Choose "Customer" for the balance account type and then select the customer you will be applying this to. Please ensure that the "Correction" box is checked.

You may then run a posting preview and post the entry if everything appears good.

Now you will need to apply for the entry. For this, you will go to the customer and choose "customer" and then "ledger entries" and apply it like you would have done with any other payment or sales credit memo to a sales invoice.

The entry and the sales credit memo will both have $0 balances, suggesting you are good to go.

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