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5 Advantages Of Managing Online Events With Dynamics 365 Marketing And Microsoft Teams

In today's new normal era, audience expectations for online event experiences are on an all-time high. Thankfully, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing includes native integrations with Microsoft Teams so users can access a robust platform as far as hosting online events is concerned. It not only allows all online event elements to be managed from within Microsoft Dynamics 365 but also eliminates the requirement for a separate third-party webinar platform.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Marketing for Online Events

  1. Complete flexibility to select the level of interactions

  2. Easy creation and automation of well-designed customer journeys

  3. Storage of event data in Dynamics 365

  4. Facilitation of event registration within Dynamics

  5. Easy tracking of event producers, presenters, registrants, attendees, and owners

Setting up an Online Event in Dynamics 365 Marketing

Seamless integration between Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 provides the unmatched opportunity to effortlessly host online events in Teams using a series of event streaming options to control interactions. Furthermore, attendees can explore “Teams Meetings” to share audio and video content based on meeting permissions. Also, breakout rooms can be easily created for a more engaging experience.

Conversely, a traditional webinar experience is provided by “Teams Live Events” through a one-way flow of information. The audience can interact by submitting queries using the Q&A feature.

One of the biggest benefits of using Microsoft Teams to host online events is that roles such as Event Owners, Teams meeting Owners, Producers, and Presenters can be easily managed.

Promoting the Online Event

Users can easily create marketing forms once the event is created to collect event registrations. These forms can be easily placed on event registration pages and promotional emails can be sent to contacts for promoting the event. If this is not all, customer journeys can be built to automate marketing communications with a “Teams check-in” button to click on the day and reminder emails leading up to the event.

Post-Event Follow-Ups

Users can cover post-event follow-ups to extend customer journey, based on whether registrants actually attended the event or not. This can be performed by exploring customer segments based on the event data exported from Teams directly into Dynamics.

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