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5 Halloween Marketing Ideas to Boost eCommerce Sales

The spooky Halloween is all set to arrive and it's high time that you start preparing your online store for the festive season ahead of you. The best part is that Halloween doesn't bring treats just for the buyers, it also means the best time to double or even triple your sales.

In 2021, more than $300 billion in sales were generated despite the challenging COVID-19 environment and this year is likely to see massive numbers like never before. Needless to say, Halloween has moved online already and with no restrictions this year, you can expect to make huge sales. Now comes the big question - why will you want to miss out on this great opportunity?

Let us explore some incredible Halloween marketing ideas to boost eCommerce sales this year.

1. Leverage The Best Marketplaces

This Halloween shopping season, online marketplaces are expected to grow faster and more exponentially than overall eCommerce sales. This is simply because billions of potential buyers prefer these amazing platforms when it comes to online shopping. For instance, you can leverage Google Shopping, Walmart, and Facebook Marketplace to highlight your brand efficiently and engage your potential buyers easily. Moreover, these platforms can help you create instant hype for your online Halloween store and make millions of sales every week.

2. Give Out The Right Halloween Merch

If you are a retailer, you should know that the bestselling and most popular products sold during the Halloween season are greeting cards, decorations, candies, and costumes. You can even deal in Halloween costumes for pets and other Halloween accessories.

3. Focus on exciting campaigns

It is equally important for you to focus on exciting Halloween marketing ideas and campaigns to get more traction and boost sales. For instance, you can begin with a Facebook giveaway contest to bring prospects to your website so they buy more products from you. You can even engage in bulk discount campaigns on small decors.

4. Build Dynamic Sales Funnels

As Halloween is just a few weeks away, you should take every possible effort to significantly boost your sales. To get started, you should build your dynamic sales funnels to track buyer journeys and encourage them to buy more than they intended to by focusing on upselling and cross-selling. You should also make it a point to surprise and delight your customers with dynamic and cool Halloween offers.

Here are some great ways to run sales funnels for special product categories within a specific time limit for Halloween.

  • You can set dynamic offers on their product quantity or total.

  • Sell relevant products with the most popular or highest-sold products.

  • Provide special discounts based on user roles.

5. Host a pumpkin-carving event

Retailers can take advantage of Pumpkin carving which is an incredible and quintessential part of the Halloween season. For this, you can host your own pumpkin carving event to generate some goodwill and get customers to your store.

Undoubtedly, Halloween offers countless opportunities to make huge sales for your online store. Get yourself ready to be called the spookiest online Halloween store out there by calling us at C.I.G Consultants now!


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