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6 New Year's Resolutions For Great CRM Marketing

The year 2022 is round the corner and it's also the time for you to make sure that your New Year's business resolutions don't fall off the radar!

After holiday work parties, food, more food, more drinks, and family.. reality sets in earlier than many of us expect it to be. Enter New Year’s resolutions as we surely don't want to be left saying, "My business is in the same place in 2021 as it was in 2020, not again!” next year.

1. Use More Control Groups

At C.I.G Consultants, we urge business owners, decision-makers, and marketers to treat every innovation as an experiment. This may involve adding a series of steps and corrective measures to the overall work process, but these things can surely help you improve the ROI when adequately incorporated.

2. Enrich our CRM data and customer data

Surprisingly, a majority of organisations perform a one-time data enrichment job. If done correctly and regularly, data enrichment can be an amazing source of faster deal velocity and a better overall customer experience.

3. Create ideal and non-ideal customer profiles

You must invest in creating and managing ideal customer profiles and non-ideal customer profiles. This will let you lead routing and scoring. Furthermore, it will give you insights on where to create personalised content. Remember, profiles help you identify personas. If profiles are colours and segments are the canvas, personas are the shades of every colour. You cannot miss out on this vital data!

4. Time To Quantify More Than Just Opens & Clicks

In 2022, organisations should measure than just opens and clicks. In other words, additional steps must be taken to find out the real worth and potential of your CRM system. Trust us, there is more to it! To get started, you can try out this formula:

CRM contribution=(Revenue uplift /Percentage of campaigns with control) / (Total revenue)

5. Uncover and fill our content gaps and product gaps

To grow your business, you should always have a clear understanding of what you have today in the present and what you expect to have in the future. For this, you can create a heat map to identify what is missing in your growth strategy.

6. Use humans to solve machine problems & machines to solve human problems

Easier said than done! The only way your business can become a better organisation delivering consistent and delighting customer experiences is when you can learn the art of using humans to solve machine problems & machines to solve human problems. For this, you need to transform every repetitive process that is consuming the precious time of your teams. Make use of real-time web personalisation, automated content audits, slackbots, APIs, and predictive analytics to be resolute towards your customers.

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