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Benefits Of Microsoft Dynamics CRM For The Higher Education Industry

Do you want to support students and parents seamlessly in the post-pandemic era? Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the ideal platform to meet and satisfy the ever-evolving requirements of schools, colleges, and universities.

Powered by Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics CRM lets you connect with all your constituents effortlessly. It also helps you use mobile, cloud, and social to turn your traditional campus into a connected campus.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM lets your higher education institution place students at the fulcrum, connect every critical touchpoint, and drive breakthrough performance consistently across the entire student lifecycle. If this is not all, you can leverage Microsoft Dynamics CRM to deliver personalised content, optimise alumni lifetime value, and foster campus collaboration as you transform your organisation.

Function Of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Communications Tools: Explore a wide range of communication tools such as email, instant messaging, physical meetings, SMS, phone, social media communications, and more. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM also helps you seamlessly integrate third-party applications.

  • Student and Contact Management: Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the best CRM for actively managing the student lifecycle. Effortlessly manage everything from the opening day registrations to full alumni management, including clubs, societies, performance, student reports, classroom, and much more. Leverage the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to easily and accurately build and store contact profiles. Track every single interaction as it happens, seamlessly.

  • Internal and External Communications: Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps your educational institution leverage cross-communication among staff, faculties, and other members.

  • Team Management: Schedule tasks, plan workload, and track employees with the powerful and feature-rich Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Reporting: Prepare a wide range of reports and other statistical data with just a few clicks to streamline management processes and improve productivity at every level.

  • Advanced Alumni Communication: Explore powerful reporting capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to monitor student-related trends before, during, and after graduation and post-graduation.

  • Integrations: Leverage the best of Management Information System (MIS) functions by integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with MIS to facilitate a seamless student lifecycle.

C.I.G. Consultants can help you explore a 360-degree view of the student lifecycle by targeting the five critical areas: Recruit, Admit, Retain, Advance, and Promote. We guide you to reap the innumerable benefits of the powerful Microsoft Dynamics CRM that is a disruptive, transformative, and pervasive culmination of your educational institution's technology, processes, strategy, and vision to significantly enhance the student experience.

Our teams of experienced Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultants help your higher education institution successfully and effortlessly deliver a seamless student relationship strategy that perfectly fits your educational institution.

C.I.G. Consultants can help you with geo-optimised and multilingual CRM solutions such as administrative management, student recruitment, and donor relations. Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultants also help you with alumni engagement, facilities management, departmental streamlining, activities automation, and dashboards & analytics. We even help you efficiently and effortlessly manage the entire student journey in a single, unified system that automates everything from admission, fee management, timetables, reporting, attendance, finance, examination, and beyond!

If you want to learn about how to leverage Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the higher education industry, we at C.I.G. Consultants are here to guide you.

Contact C.I.G. Consultants now and find out how we can help you achieve your institution's goals, redefine business processes, and deliver a first-class student experience.


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