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Do You Know What's On Your Customer's Christmas Wishlist?

It's that time of the festive season again when you may find yourself wandering up and down the countless aisles of department stores in search of the perfect gift for your loved ones. At times, it's difficult to know what each person on your Christmas list wants to find wrapped up under the Christmas tree. Many marketers face somehow a similar challenge when it comes to understanding what would possibly appeal to their prospects and customers.

Fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights seamlessly combines billions of signals from proprietary data of Microsoft. It analyzes customer profiles and leverages advanced machine learning to find out which of your prospects and customers might have an interest in your products and/or services.

For instance, your business can leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to unify your customer data from across multiple data sources (such as your ERP, CRM system, web traffic, and eCommerce platform). This helps enrich their unified customer profiles to find out which product category or brand their customers might have an affinity for. The enriched data is then leveraged for the purpose of creating intelligent segments for their marketing efforts.

One of the best things about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is that it allows you to transform your organization from being reactive to proactive within no time. It also empowers your sales, marketing, and service teams to deliver exceptional, personalized, and consistent experiences to improve the overall customer journey. This highly intuitive and flexible customer data platform (CDP) helps you unify and interpret all your customer data across multiple sources to explore a single view of customers and derive invaluable insights in real-time.

In addition to these advantages, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights allows you to bring together all your behavioral, observational, and transactional data with prebuilt connectors in real-time to create persistently up-to-date profiles for accounts and contacts. It can also be leveraged to discover new audience segments with recommendations driven by artificial intelligence or you can even define your own recommendations.

The list of advantages associated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights doesn't end here. It can also be used to activate real-time insights on destinations including email marketing, advertising, analytics, and customer engagement platforms via custom integrations with Microsoft and third-party applications.

Call or email us now at C.I.G Consultants to find out how you can leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to increase customer lifetime value and customer retention while unlocking powerful insights using prebuilt AI models to meet or even exceed your unique business goals to better know and serve your customers.


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