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How Dynamics 365 Marketing Is Leading The Way With Personalized Engagement?

Today's marketers are always looking to build and nurture highly tailored and customer-centric customer reactions across all communication channels to satisfy consumer expectations. All of this is made possible by blending the best of data and artificial intelligence that can be ushered into an exceptional frontier - from reacting to the predicting era. This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing steps in and combines customer experience with marketing automation to help organizations orchestrate personalized journeys throughout all touchpoints to gain loyalty and improve connections.

Let us read about different ways by which Dynamics 365 Marketing can help you truly embrace customer-led journeys to engage and respond when and where the customer wants to engage.

Your organization can leverage Dynamics 365 Marketing to utilize the SMS channel to send transactional and fast marketing and communications messages. It also helps you define rich customer experiences by raising custom events from journey steps. This can be done by defining custom processes with a predefined purpose to improve customer journeys.

Using Microsoft Power Automate Flows, you can perform limitless customization and gain precise control of your customer experience. For instance, you can call a Power Automate Flow from the journey canvas to connect with proprietary and external business systems to leverage the entire Power Automate ecosystem of connectors. This will also allow you to consistently deliver the unique experience your customers demand. The best thing is that anyone can create very advanced custom scenarios with just a few clicks.

In addition to these advantages, you can even personalize your emails while saving invaluable time to include lists of related data. For instance, you can add a list of items purchased in an order confirmation email or add a list of sessions in a conference registration email. Furthermore, you can gain more control over journey branching conditions through increased attribute support. This can be done by creating personalized journeys for customers based on their behaviors and demographics to increase engagement. You can even leverage AI-powered ideas to automatically generate content for emails or optimize the performance of emails in the new outbound marketing email editor with A/B testing.

Find out how your organization can elevate your customer experiences by leveraging the best of Dynamics 365 Marketing. Call or email us now at C.I.G Consultants.


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