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How Nonprofits Can Use Dynamics 365 To Transform And Scale Their Mission?

In the last few years, nonprofits have understood the amazing role of technology in achieving their fundraising strategies. In particular, Nonprofit CRM software has become the cornerstone of every charity, religious organization, or shelter.

What is a nonprofit CRM?

A nonprofit CRM can be described as a seamless software platform that efficiently houses and manages everything you love and know about the supporters and stakeholders of your nonprofit.

It helps you find answers to the following questions:

  • What processes do you want to improve?

  • How do you partner with other organizations?

  • How do you create/run your marketing campaigns?

  • What pain points prevent you from growing?

  • How do you want to show your impact?

A nonprofit CRM helps you find answers to the above and many more questions by:

  • Tracking relationships, both among individuals and over time

  • Defining your target audience and donor journey

  • Tracking the fundraising lifecycle

  • Making recommendations on prioritizing donors to contact

  • Automation of repetitive, time-consuming tasks

  • Accessing reporting capabilities to analyze your data and uncover insights

  • Structuring your data in a centralized place for ease of access and transparency

  • Establish or optimize your omnichannel presence

  • Listing your market segmentation

  • Efficiently tracking your campaigns

  • Reinforcing your brand

  • Increasing donor retention

Which is the best CRM for non-profit organizations?

According to market insiders, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the best CRM for non-profit organizations. This is primarily because it provides all of the features that matter most to non-profits, including but not limited to event planning, fundraising, automation, email automation, donor management, marketing strategy support, and data analysis to name a few.

Furthermore, Microsoft is the industry leader when it comes to providing a robust ecosystem of solutions that connects with other platforms that you may plan to use in the future or already be using.

For more information on how a nonprofit CRM can help your nonprofit organization, please feel free to speak to one of our CRM consultants.


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