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How To Boost Seller Productivity With Embedded Teams Calls & Conversation Intelligence?

Efficiency is paramount for seller productivity in today's cutthroat business environment. Sales teams must achieve more with less to stay ahead of challenges and explore opportunities like never before. This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales steps in.

The recent announcement of the general availability of the embedded Teams phone dialer to support outbound and inbound calls is a positive step in this respect. The new phone dialer has the capability of automating note capture and enhancing data quality while making sure that sellers don't end up ever missing follow-up actions. Leveraging conversation intelligence, sellers can now explore AI-generated analytics, meeting summaries, and follow-up actions.

For instance, the embedded Teams dialer for Dynamics 365 allows sellers to easily and quickly make phone calls via the side panel's dial pad or by choosing a phone number anywhere in Dynamics 365. Similarly, digital sales teams can explore the sales accelerator to view all their upcoming suggestions and actions. Moreover, results can be tracked automatically and summarized in the timeline which further reduces the requirement for manual data input after every call. The embedded dialing feature utilizes your organization's existing Teams telephony service to support either a Teams call plan, direct routing, or operator connect.

The best thing is that sellers can now access real-time assistance during sales calls through Dynamics 365 AI-powered conversation intelligence. With it on their side, they can forget about forgetting and easily focus on creating & nurturing business relationships. Furthermore, AI-powered conversation intelligence allows them to focus on their customer conversations, instead of diverting their attention to take conversation notes. Also, sellers can now view a real-time call transcription with business-critical insights. Managers can access a rich call summary that may include sentiment analysis, automatic call segmentation, call playback, and a transcript for them to leave messages for their team members.

Find out how your organization can keep on top of your growing customer relationships with Dynamics 365 AI-powered conversation intelligence. Call or email us at C.I.G Consultants now.


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