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How To Bring Predictability To Your Revenue Pipeline With Dynamics 365 Sales?

Sales pipeline data is leveraged by many organisations to measure a highly generalised picture of future sales. But what if the gathered data is accurate and precise enough for you to predict the revenue next month for just a few cents? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales can be highly effective to gain a complete and accurate picture of the customers and pipeline data by standardising top-performing sales processes.

Sales predictability can be improved when sales leaders have two important things on their side:

  1. An accurate picture of high-conversion customers: Sales cycles will close faster and seller conversion rate will increase if organisations have a complete picture of their highest-converting customers. Customer profiles can easily be developed from the characteristics of existing customer sales when the right tools are selected. According to LinkedIn, 74 percent of sales intelligence users are of the view that the tools are critical or extremely critical when it comes to closing deals.

  2. Faster, better sales processes: Sales performance management can be driven up to an increase of 10-20 percent in revenue per salesperson, according to McKinsey. This means your sales cadence becomes predictable if you can rightly leverage tools that assist in identifying sales best practices and standarding them across the organisation.

Easy collaboration with teammates and stakeholders, quick access to data, and fewer systems to pull data from optimised processes make sales cycles faster.

Increase speed and collaboration with Teams

Sales cycles close faster when sellers can access subject matter experts and account managers quickly to gain immediate information within the context of a deal. For this, sellers can leverage the integration of the One Microsoft Platform for optimising their sales processes.

Sellers can also share and edit CRM records in association with channels and chats with Microsoft Teams embedded in Dynamics 365 Sales to benefit from seamless collaboration between regions and segments critical to closing deals.

Identify customers more accurately, win more customers

A better understanding and a 360-degree view of customer data make it easier for sellers to experience high conversion rates. Organisations can identify more opportunities sooner with the automated and highly effective triggers in the sales process that come with the new capabilities offered by Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft Relationship Sales (which includes LinkedIn Sales Navigator).

Organisations can tap into the unmatched value of Dynamics 365 Sales to make more data-driven decisions with impeccable consistency and accuracy across the organisation instead of formulating decisions based on guesswork. This also helps organisations gain a deeper understanding of their existing and potential customers by creating targeted campaigns and delivering personalised services.

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