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How To Configure A Main Form Dialog In Dynamics 365?

Microsoft introduced the Main Form Dialog or MFD that refers to the ability to open a form within a form. This helps users open a record for a related entity without any need to move away from the current record. Previously, this used to require some development to allow the functionality.

The functionality can now be easily configured on the form directly.

Steps To Configure A Main Form Dialog In Dynamics 365

  1. Visit and login with your credentials. Now, you'll have to choose the environment you want to work in.

  2. Go to Solutions and either create a new one or choose an existing solution. If you want to create a new one, you'll need to click on Existing Table and choose Case and then click on Next. Thereafter, click on Select Components, click Forms, and add the Case form. Now, click Add and then click Add.

3. Now, open the Case table and then proceed to open the case form.

4. Click on Form Field if the Responsible Contact is not already on the form. Find the field and then drag it onto the form.

5. You will now have to click on Responsible Contact to open the properties. Now, you'll have to tick the two fields as shown in the undermentioned image and then click on Save and Publish your changes.

6. A contact form will pop out once a user clicks on Responsible Contact and then on New.

7. Users may simply click on the contact to view an existing contact and then the view form will pop out.

These steps to configure the main form dialog in Dynamics 365 will help in improving the general user experience and prevent data loss. For instance, MFD can help users add or view the additional records and then make a return back to the case form without any loss of data if the case form has a required field that hadn’t yet been populated. In the absence of it, users would have to navigate away from the case form and lose the information they had inputted after clicking on New Contact.

Want to know more about Dynamics 365 or require help with Dynamics 365 CRM implementation, please feel free to get in touch with our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultancy team.


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