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How To Create Inclusive Content With The New Accessibility Assistant In Microsoft 365?

Microsoft has announced the launch of Accessibility Assistant in Microsoft 365 which is a bundle of innovative tools to help creators produce more accessible content with less effort—and all within the natural flow of work.

Accessibility Assistant, which is a better version of the existing Accessibility Checker, introduces better defaults to prevent issues before they occur, real-time and in-context remediation to correct issues as they arise, and clear, simple guidance that appears in the flow of work.

For instance, users can leverage a new type of flag to call attention to accessibility issues while they write to bring immediacy and simplicity to the accessibility space.

A new Accessibility Assistant pane is also expected to launch later this year. This will offer a clean, efficient interface like Microsoft Editor, with plain-language explanations that help you address entire categories of accessibility issues more easily.

Find out how to start making your content accessible in Microsoft 365 by giving us a call or sending us an email now.

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