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How To Discover insights To Create Experiences That Customers Love?

A recently-concluded survey revealed that 90 percent of organizations across the world believe that improvements are required in their existing systems for tracking customer journeys.

Post-sale, data plays a big role to provide customer service teams with the tools they require to uninterruptedly offer speedy services, resolve post-sales issues smoothly, answer customer inquiries, and satisfy or even exceed customer expectations. This is evident from the fact that modern-day organizations have been experiencing a seismic shift in how customers live, shop, work, and play online. In fact, customer behavior has irreversibly changed for the better and organizations need to accelerate their digital transformation to serve better customer experiences and keep pace with changing customer requirements.

In today's digital age, customers are reaching out to organizations through a rich range of platforms such as email, social media, websites, apps, text, and in-store communications. But, this may be a little overwhelming in the first place and therefore it's important to properly manage data and ensure that data is collected, cleaned, analyzed, and maintained in real-time. This is where the Microsoft customer data platform (CDP) steps in so that data can be accessed and utilized by marketing teams, customer service teams, sales teams, commerce teams, and other stakeholders. This then helps organizations make better, quicker, smarter, and more informed data-driven decisions to serve the very best in customer experiences across every touchpoint.

One of the biggest advantages of the Microsoft customer data platform is that it facilitates integrated AI-based analytics. It also provides real-time actionable insights and offers the ability to import data from multiple sources. The Microsoft customer data platform also allows organizations to enable enhanced and deeper collaboration across the entire organization (including finance, service, sales, marketing, and research & development) so that every single aspect of the customer experience journey can be taken care of.

Find out how your organization can leverage Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Microsoft’s enterprise-leading customer data platform, to shape customer experience needs like never before. Call or email us at C.I.G Consultants now.

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