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How To Empower Seller Excellence With Customer Feedback Solutions?

In today's digital landscape and new normal, unprecedented challenges are faced by sellers, making it more than critical than ever to be equipped with the right information at the right time and place when connecting with existing and potential customers.

However, a big majority of sellers tend to miss the golden opportunity to source customer feedback that is a proven way for enhancing the overall buying experience and deepening customer relationships. It is important to remember that customer experience today has overtaken both price and product as the key brand differentiator and, therefore, it is important for every organisation - irrespective of its size of operations or line of business - to provide exceptional customer experiences.

Customer feedback is an important source of data when it comes to the optimisation of customer experiences throughout the sales process. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales for sourcing feedback and facilitating engagement with customers at key points within the buyer journey. This helps in capturing critical inputs on important steps within the sales process for gaining relevant, contextual customer feedback that organisations can leverage to enhance the customer experience.

Success-driven organisations prioritising customer experiences are always open to interacting with customers on how to improve the quality of their products and services. They are always eager to gain insights into how their customers feel about their sales engagement, products, and services. This helps them identify patterns that demonstrate opportunities for improvement. A constant loop of collecting feedback and driving improvements facilitates the delivery of the best possible customer experience consistently.

Capture feedback during the buying process

There is no denying the fact that the buying process can be a bit overwhelming for both customers and sellers. However, sellers can simplify the entire process by listening proactively to their customers. With Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, sellers are better positioned to capture feedback on the otherwise complicated buying process by seamlessly connecting the data into Dynamics 365 Sales. It helps sellers become more agile and productive in their interactions with accounts, contacts, and opportunities with invaluable insights collected from customer feedback.

Using surveys, organisations can easily capture feedback with Dynamics 365. Once the survey is sent, customer feedback is automatically added by Dynamics 365 Customer Voice to the account or contact record. Thereafter, status is updated by the survey, and customer sentiment, responses, and trigger words are all captured and compiled into survey results within Dynamics 365 Sales. This allows sellers to easily collect feedback at any point of the buying process, optimise their customer engagement, and leverage the data to seamlessly and quickly adapt their selling strategy in line with the prevailing trends.

The value of personalisation in selling

Customers feel valued and understood when each interaction is made personalised by sellers. Customer-centric organisations make it a point to continuously evolve their processes and practices, turning interactions into personalised experiences. Surveys give customers a voice when it comes to the optimisation of sales processes.

With Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, sellers can engage proactively and deeply with customers since their feedback is integrated into the unified view of the customer. Seller productivity gets a boost when Dynamics 365 Sales is combined with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice as seller feedback enhances automated processes and the next best activity workstreams. By leveraging the potential of customer feedback through Dynamics 365 Customer Voice and Dynamics 365 Sales, sellers are better equipped than ever to drive revenue through every opportunity.

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