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How To Enable Productivity With Native Mobile Experiences Optimised For Sellers?

Today, global workforces are busier than ever after business travel and face-to-face meetings reduced significantly in 2020. During the pandemic, the pace of selling has surged and the common pain points that sellers face have become exacerbated now as they continue to juggle more obligations and responsibilities across home, work, and different time zones.

The generally available new Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app assists the sellers to make the most out of the core solutions. With Microsoft Outlook, Dynamics 365 Sales, and Microsoft Teams, the mobile application helps in creating a friction-less selling experience. The Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app integrates native mobile device capabilities with the best of Microsoft as well as Dynamics 365 Sales Concepts: productivity, engagement, collaboration, and intelligent workflows for creating a streamlined and seamless native mobile app experience.

Start The Day Ahead Of The Game

One of the biggest advantages of the Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app is that it keeps sellers on the critical path with push notifications in real-time that can be customised by organisations based on their individual business requirements. Insights and reminders help sellers stay on top of the latest updates to critical record details. They also prove beneficial to alert sellers with more complex issues like opportunities with upcoming closed dates that have shown no or little recent activities. The Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app can also be used for extracting data and alerting sellers about potential complications, directly from their Outlook inbox, like account licenses that are about to expire.

The home page (inside the app) highlights the most relevant and useful information for sellers so they can easily perform their routine operations. The Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app displays recent contacts, upcoming meetings, and recently viewed records, pulled from Dynamics 365 Sales and Outlook, in the primary focus mode. Sellers can create any activity or entity from the home screen, including contacts and notes. Sellers also gain access to the ability to easily drill down for more information about any entity.

Come Prepared To Every Customer Engagement

Sellers can easily review their calendar and join Microsoft Teams meetings on the meetings tab with the click of a button. The application also provides location links for sellers to easily access the native maps application of the device for face-to-face meetings.

Sellers can also access information about logistics and relationship data sourced from Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft in the new Dynamics 365 Sales app. In a single meeting card, the seller can find out details about key meetings and attendee responses from Outlook. Dynamics 365 Sales data is pulled that helps sellers view estimated revenue, associated opportunity title, pipeline phases, notes, closed date, and AI-generated reminders.

The Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app minimises manual entry and saves precious time by offering support to voice dictated notes while information is still fresh in the minds of sellers. Sellers can also capture photographs of their notes in a hard copy and link them with the appropriate records as attachments.

Sellers can also scan business cards into contacts automatically so they always have the relevant details whenever they're required for future reference. The Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app also allows sellers to locate contacts they need to reach with typo-proof search capabilities. In addition to these advantages, sellers can quickly create contacts, add notes, and update data in relevant records.

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