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How To Enhance Admin Productivity With Guided Customer Service Channel Setup?

Microsoft recently announced the unified Customer Service admin center that efficiently consolidates administration experiences across the out-of-the-box Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service suite. This unified admin center has the ability to simplify setup tasks with a step-by-step guided experience so that it becomes easier for admins to onboard customer service channels.

The guided setup wizard of the unified Customer Service admin center allows you to easily configure customer service channels like voice, chat, and email. It also guides you through all the necessary steps for configuring users and permissions while setting up routing rules and queues. This helps you seamlessly handle customer issues with minimal fuss.

Similarly, the search admin settings page allows you to easily discover the admin setting you want to manage. The page lists settings for new features along with offering insights on top matches so you can identify whether they might be helpful for your organization before adopting them.

All in all, the new unified Customer Service admin center makes it easier for users to add channels, manage channels, route and distribute workloads, and access invaluable insights about all the activity across their digital contact center.

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