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How To Improve Packing Efficiency With The Warehouse Management Mobile App?

Warehouse workers generally pack shipment items at a specific packing station via an optimized process to ship small and medium-sized parcels. The Warehouse Management mobile app in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management now offers a mobile packing experience to grant workers freedom while improving packing efficiency when working in larger areas and with larger items.

Three main processes are included in the packing flow in the Warehouse Management mobile app:

  1. Identification of the items to be packed

  2. Creation and identification of the containers to pack the items into

  3. Closure of the containers for finalizing the packing process

To get started, you can just embed the container creation and closing processes in a packing operation step via a detour to offer more flexibility. The same can be applied to look-up requirements by querying data using mobile app detours. In addition to this, you can easily and quickly configure the packing process so a container label can be printed automatically from the mobile app. Warehouse workers can then apply labels to containers for easing the otherwise complicated and cumbersome packing validation process when they are packing items into the container.

Find out more about how your organization can leverage packing containers with the Warehouse Management mobile app. Call or email us at C.I.G Consultants now.


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