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How To Monitor Performance, Set Goals, And Maintain Data Quality With Dynamics 365 CRM?

Are you finding it difficult to keep a close track of user interactions and conversations in Dynamics 365 CRM? Looking for efficient ways to help your employees make optimum use of Dynamics 365 CRM while increasing productivity? If your answers are in the affirmative, it's time for you to know more about User Adoption Monitor, an application to track, monitor, and review user adoption of Dynamics 365 CRM.

User Adoption Monitor is a value-driven app that helps users keep a close check on each and every action and interaction performed by individual users. It can be reviewed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and the User Adoption Monitor reports can be easily stored and accessed through charts and leader dashboards.

With the User Adoption Monitor app, managers can easily monitor both special messages and common actions. Furthermore, they can keep tabs on how well their teams have adapted to Dynamics 365 CRM. In addition to these advantages, managers can even track login and logout actions of the users besides tracking the records that users have worked on. These features allow managers to take proactive measures for overcoming any challenges and complications that users face while adapting to Dynamics 365 CRM.

Using the ‘Target Tracking’ feature, sales goals or targets can be allotted by managers to team members. Moreover, managers can keep a regular track of them in Dynamics 365 CRM itself. Managers can set these targets in both count and value and this makes it easy for them to assess the performance of every individual team member on a consistent basis.

With the ‘Datacompleteness’ feature, managers can make sure that the data compiled by team members is accurate, precise, and complete. This ensures that all the required information about customers is available within the CRM.

In User Adoption Monitor, managers can easily view activity breakup and individual performance of their team members through dashboards. Managers don't have to spend countless hours while accessing complex reports to find out the performance levels of individual team members as everything is made easy and streamlined through dashboards.

All in all, User Adoption Monitor is an excellent application to help you keep track of a series of user actions and improve the individual and overall productivity of Dynamics 365 CRM users.

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