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How To Personalise Customer Experiences In Dynamics 365 Customer Voice?

What’s a business without its customers? Customer experience is at the core of any organisation’s strategy. Small, medium, or large-scale enterprises - they all starve to gain five-star ratings from the audience they cater to. But in order to become a customer favourite, it’s imperative for any business to take feedback seriously.

Introducing Customer Voice by Microsoft Dynamic 365, a one-of-a-kind scalable feedback management solution, that empowers organisations to collect, analyse, and track real-time feedback.

Your customers deserve personalised interaction

To serve your customers better, you need to get the pulse of the problem. It’s an age of omnichannel B2C interactions; your customers can share feedback directly or indirectly through multiple channels. Capturing the right piece of information at the right time and offering the right response is the only way to serve your customers in today’s day and age.

Microsoft Dynamic 365 Customer Voice brings custom survey headers to assist organisations in the survey creation process, adding essential elements like personalisation and flexibility to the process. The solution empowers businesses to collect and manage feedback efficiently.

The beauty of the application is in the control it puts in the hands of the users. You can use custom images or choose from pre-existing ones to make your surveys interesting and also to ensure brand consistency. In addition, users can make the most of other formatting options like fonts, alignment, colour, etc. to follow brand tonality.

Enabling agile decision-making

Data is the bedrock of any ambitious organisational strategy. Businesses that stay ahead of the competition, know how to use their data well. However, data analysis is a daunting task. Needless to say, time-consuming too.

Fortunately, Dynamic 365 Customer Voice offers custom survey scoring, a feature built to empower users to unlock insights that can add real value.

Users have the flexibility to customise their success metrics. This can be done directly from the dashboard, where users can create a scoring system that can help them understand the data and make agile decisions based on it.

Build better customer relationship with partner solutions

In addition to the built-in capabilities of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, there are numerous other solutions from our partners that make the entire process of interacting with customers, understanding and managing feedback a lot more convenient and effective.

Great service begins with better communication

Customer loyalty has always been with proactive brands that are ready to take feedback positively and respond to them on time. Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is created to enable you to interact, listen, understand and assist the customers effectively.

We at C.I.G. Consultants, the best Dynamics 365 CRM consultancy and the best Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner, are a team of Dynamic 365 experts who’re ready to take your organisation’s customer engagement several notches higher.

Get in touch with our certified Dynamics 365 CRM experts today.

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