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How To Set Up Dynamics GP Smartlist Security?

Do you want to explore the benefits of setting up a Dynamics GP instance to receive access to the SmartList Builder (SLB) reporting tool?

Let us find out how you can quickly set up Dynamics GP SmartList security for different SmartList functions.

The SmartList Designer Tool helps you perform several functions, including managing Dynamics GP SmartList security. It is an excellent option for organizations that rely heavily on Excel and helps them create refreshable Excel reports and publish them to a shared location, Office 365, or SharePoint.

As far as user permissions are concerned, you need to add users to a POWERUSER ROLE before they can utilize SmartList Builder. It is important to offer SmartList Builder permissions along with Windows permissions.

How to assign SmartList Security?

  • Visit the Security Task Setup window and then go to Microsoft Dynamics GP -> Tools -> Setup -> System -> Security Tasks.

  • Now, you need to type in a Task ID, Name, Description, and Category and then choose SmartList for your Product.

  • Choose SmartList Object as your Type and SmartList Objects for Series.

  • Now, you need to check the SmartList for which access needs to be granted to the security task.

  • Click on Save and thereafter assign the security task to any roles that should have access to those specific functions.

How to set up data connection security?

  • Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP -> Tools -> SmartList Builder -> Security -> Data Connection Security.

  • Select the company to which you want to grant access.

  • Select the designated data connections and click OK to save.

How to set up table security?

  • Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP -> Tools -> SmartList Builder -> Security -> Table Security.

  • Choose Series and Products for tables where you wish to add restrictions.

  • Select individual tables for which to exclude access.

  • Select the role to which the exclusions don't apply and click on OK to save.

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