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How To Show Non-Production Apps Within Field Service (Dynamics 365 CRM) Mobile App?

The new Field Service (Dynamics 365 CRM) mobile app designed by Microsoft was recently made available. It can be used by field service technicians to view Dynamics 365 Field Service work orders, contacts, accounts, customer assets, and other work-related details.

Let us find out how to view the non-production’s Field Service Mobile model drive applications within Field Service (Dynamics 365).

To get started, we will first need to download the Field Service (Dynamics 365) app. Thereafter, we need to sign with the username and password to view the list of Field Service Mobile Apps of the Production environment.

For instance, let us assume that we have two production environments in tenant and also in Sandbox and Trial type environments.

However, only two Field Service mobile apps that are shown as Production type are getting shown by the Field Service (Dynamics 365) app.

In order to ensure that we can view the other environment’s Field Service Mobile App, we will need to enable a setting. For this, we will need to first select the Menu icon and enabled the “Show Non-Production apps” option. A pop-up will ask for confirmation once the option is enabled. We will then have to confirm and refresh the App list. We can then view non-production Field Service Mobile apps as well.

Once we have performed all the above-mentioned steps, we can easily enable multiple environment apps and access them within the new “Field Service (Dynamics 365) App.

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