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How To Transform Your Processes In 2021 With Microsoft Technology?

The COVID-19 pandemic showed us one thing, and that is the human will to adapt and reinvent. When adversity stuck us in the form of isolation, we responded with collaboration. When the pandemic brought us to a halt, we reinvented new ways to keep moving. Visionary leaders helped their organizations quickly upgrade existing processes with newer, better ways of working, encouraging an accelerated digital transformation rollout. But were all businesses successful in responding to the crisis on time?

Unfortunately, the answer is a no. This makes us wonder, are we prepared to handle a new wave of pandemic-induced adversity, which is, as suggested by the experts, inevitable?

How agile are the processes we rely on? How secure? How resilient?

This blog post brings to you the most comprehensive list of tools designed to empower businesses like yours to increase agility and resilience.

  1. Connected Cloud Solutions

Even today business processes are observed to be completely reactive, waiting for issues to be reported before taking action. This, unfortunately, leads to interruption, downtime, and eventually, derailment of a prospering relationship.

Imagine the possibilities of a proactive process that can identify and resolve problems as they emerge on the horizon; putting an end to a potentially dangerous blow to the invaluable data.

Cloud computing offers scalability, performance, and a world of possibilities for your data enabling you to reinforce successful data-driven transformation. Microsoft understands that as much as businesses would want to transform digitally, they might not be able to afford the time and cost it takes in the process. That’s why it has reinvented its service and added a layer of quick deployment.

Microsoft Azure IoT central eliminates the role of cloud solution experts putting the power of connecting, monitoring, and managing assets in the hands of the end-user. Simplified setup and reduced overhead make subscribing to Azure, the smartest move an organization can make in these times.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

AI is empowering small and medium businesses to accelerate digital transformation, helping them make a swift move from reactive to proactive.

At Microsoft, artificial intelligence is considered to be an integral part of digital transformation. Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services is a unique set of tools and processes that helps unleash the power of AI allowing the user to locate, refine, and connect data more efficiently than ever. The semantic search capabilities and deep learning models, enable organizations to get predictive outcome insights from data patterns leading to proactive and informed decision-making.

2. Mixed Reality

Visualisation is key to a fail-proof customer experience and sales strategy. Microsoft understands the importance of building buyer confidence in driving a successful sales campaign. This is where Microsoft’s Product Visualise steps in as a powerful tool that helps accelerate complex sales processes by powering virtual demos of products placed in the user’s environment. By leveraging mixed reality using Microsoft’s powerful tools, businesses can reinforce digital transformation and drive touchless product experience, especially during these challenging times.

3. Robotic Processing Automation

Automation and agility are synonymous. Microsoft’s Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) helps high-performing teams to focus on higher-value tasks and leave the mundane, tedious tasks to a smart, highly agile system.

By facilitating collaboration between the end-users and developers, customized RPA processes are created to streamline multiple workflows native to each organization’s needs.

4. Microsoft Graph

One of the most revolutionary Microsoft products, Microsoft Graph is built to open up a wealth of information, insights that together fuel the applications. With usable, relevant, powerful data, you can now build apps that bring real value to the user.

Microsoft Graph is at the core of Microsoft Cloud Services. With its unified programmability model, you can access all the applications included in the Cloud Service like Outlook and Teams, which means that you no longer need to be a skilled developer to interact with these applications.

Data Security

Needless to say, security is crucial to any fast-growing organization. While Microsoft Graph does help streamline the access to all apps, it ensures a centrally controlled access and backup by Microsoft Azure Active Directory. This guarantees secure access that needs approval by administrators.

Similarly, to take care of device security, Microsoft’s Cloud Security offers multiple layers of protection, reinventing device security policies to meet the current demands.

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