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Top Reasons To Pick A Custom-Built Microsoft Azure Web Portal

Want to create and deploy mission-critical Web apps that scale with your business? Looking for innovative ways to create out-of-the-box applications faster? If your answers are yes, custom-built Microsoft Azure Web Portals can help you in countless ways.

What Are Web Portals & their advantages?

Web Portals help organisations to grant access to important stakeholders in the context of business data and processes, within a secure platform. In other words, web portals allow important stakeholders to securely complete tasks and view selected data without entering your Dynamics 365 environment. For instance, web portals can be set up to assist customers to raise cases or make orders. Similarly, partners can pick up referrals and share potential leads with you.

The primary objective of web portals is to give the ability to self-serve to external parties. These portals help relieve pressure off your team members and the portal audience can access information on-demand, boosting efficiency, engagement, and service quality.

Power Apps Portals & Custom Azure Portals

A wide range of templates for Power Apps Portals is provided by Microsoft and each template is built with a specific audience in mind. Custom Azure Portals, by contrast, are built from the ground up. At C.I.G Consultants, our teams of Dynamics 365 experts build custom portals on the seamless Microsoft Azure Platform, which helps our clients gain access to all the same functionalities offered by Power Apps Portals.

Why Should You Consider Custom-Built Microsoft Azure Portals?


During our interactions with prospects and clients in the past, we found that the first challenge before them during the stage of a portal implementation is the related, ongoing costs of Power Apps Portals. This is primarily because they are billed per login within a period of 24 hours. This can be a huge disadvantage, especially for small and medium-sized organisations that attract hundreds of portal visitors who log in regularly. A popular portal attracting a large number of visitors can easily translate to high monthly usage costs, especially for non-profit organisations and SMBs with a limited budget.

This is where Custom-Built Microsoft Azure Portals come into the picture. They help clients avoid the additional usage cost of logins. Initially, there is a high upfront cost but it is offset by lowered monthly costs in the future.


Custom-Built Microsoft Azure Portals deployed within your Azure environment can help you gain greater control of your monthly costs. You have the option to proactively increase usage when a lot of traffic is anticipated and you can scale down the App usage during "quiet" months.


Custom-Built Microsoft Azure Portals are enriched by unmatched flexibility. At C.I.G Consultants, we've been able to help clients explore functionalities that were not easy to set up or not possible with Custom-Built Microsoft Azure Portal templates. For instance, we have customise the portal theme per account by demonstrating the brand and logo colours that were not possible in a Power Apps portal since it allows only a single theme. Our team also managed to offer additional search functionalities like supporting wildcard searches and searching different fields that are otherwise difficult to create in a user-friendly manner within Power Apps Portals.

At C.I.G Consultants, we can help you swiftly implement a state-of-the-art web portal. Take the next big step in your business progression now. Call us now at +44 20 3488 8602.


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