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Why A Charity Needs A CRM System?

Charities across the world have realized the potential of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to increase donor engagement and raise funds. However, many of them still believe that CRM systems are meant only for large organizations. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. This is simply because even micro organizations, non-profits, and charities can benefit from CRM implementation.

One of the biggest advantages of CRM implementation for charities is that a CRM system helps in storing all types of data in a unified place. For charities, this means that all their data in the context of events, fundraising, donations, supporters, volunteers, and more can be collected and accessed from a single place. Storing separate spreadsheets & files and streamlining different data and information streams can become chaotic for charities over time. This is where a powerful CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 steps in.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 eliminates the requirement for separate data storage besides making it easier to manage all data. This helps charities make better, smarter, proactive, and data-driven decisions when it comes to fundraising, events, marketing, and communications.

Secondly, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can make it easier for charities to automate mundane tasks to improve productivity and efficiency. For instance, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can simplify mail blasts, reporting, and manual data input like never before. It can also be leveraged for keeping track of all income streams such as grants, eCommerce sales, fundraising events, and one-off & recurring donations.

If this is not all, charities can also leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 to perform segmentation and gain full financial control & visibility. It can also help in proactively identifying the areas of improvement and the best initiatives along with the challenges and opportunities ahead. Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes preloaded with a whole host of out-of-the-box reporting capabilities that are easily and quickly accessible. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can also help you tick all the boxes in compliance and security to provide reassurance to your supporters and comply with GDPR.

Find out how your charity can achieve its goals with scalable systems and Microsoft Dynamics 365 that can be tailored to your specific requirements and budget. If you’d like to find out more about our charity CRM solutions, please feel to get in touch with us today.

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