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Why Choose Dynamics 365 For Event Management?

Are you planning to host an event for your institution or organisation but worried about how to efficiently manage everything? By choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can manage all event data in a single place and access all relevant data in a single and unified location - Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The best thing is that you don't have to ever leave Microsoft Dynamics 365 as it offers a comprehensive and seamless event planning experience and you can expect innovative features such as streamlined guest management, personalised marketing, and comprehensive analytics. You get complete value for your money - nothing more, and certainly nothing less!

The Dynamics 365 Marketing event management feature helps you right from the word go. From initial planning and budgeting to attendee registration and lead generation, you can expect out-of-the-box contact, registration, and attendance management features by choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The key features of Dynamics 365 Marketing Event Management include:

  • Creation of Microsoft Teams webinars and live events.

  • Seamless registration, contact, and attendance management features in a single system.

  • Session, session tracking, and speaker management.

  • Streamlined and easy management of attendee passes to provide access to specific sessions or tracks.

  • Guest logistics for hotel registrations, allocation of rooms, and reservations.

  • Venue management to track rooms, buildings, and layouts.

  • Dynamics 365 Customer Voice survey integration.

  • Tracking sponsors and their sponsorships for each event.

  • Review of the attendance history of each contact, including sessions and events attended.

  • Self-service attendee registration.

  • Portal Payment Gateway management and anonymous registrations can be enabled or disabled.

  • Automated event registration confirmation can be configured using inbuilt functionality.

  • Customisation of the invitation process without the risk of losing data.

  • Creation of a designated list or sending out invitations to specific individuals.

  • Allows event staff to refer to pertinent event data in real-time to quickly address questions of guests.

  • Attracting more guests and encouraging registrations by including registration forms on the event microsite, social media pages, and the institution or organisation's website.

  • Allow guests to stay on track throughout the event with text messages.

  • Sending out important event information (such as delays, cancellations, or scheduling updates).

  • Setting up flexible registration options for a series of events.

  • Segmentation of the guest lists to offer special pricing for specific groups or individuals.

  • Streamlined lead generation and management.

Undoubtedly, event management plays a crucial role in your organisation or institution's marketing mix. To access the best results, you require a smooth and seamless exchange of information between your CRM software and event management. This is exactly where Dynamics 365 steps in.

Whether you’re looking for total project support or someone to help you along the way, C.I.G. Consultants will provide the exact level of support you need. Contact us today to get started.


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