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5 Ways to “WOW” Your Customers And Exceed Expectations

Have you ever wondered why top brands such as Amazon, Apple, and Tesla enjoy an impeccable reputation and what differentiates them from the rest? The answer is quite simple - NOT settling for the mediocre. This unmatched trait embedded deep into their daily philosophy of conducting business is what differentiates them from the rest.

These top brands have a habit of consistently delivering more than what is expected of them and wow their customers time and again. They have long back realized that merely satisfying the expectations of their customers is like playing the safe game that would not get them anywhere. This is primarily merely satisfying customer expectations makes customers open to other brands and they will jump the ship the moment they find a better product or service at a cheaper or equal price.

To emerge as the top market contender, you need to project yourself as a brand that continuously delivers memorable, ever-lasting experiences and exceeds customer expectations. In other words, your brand should give its best and ensure that this best is something exclusive in the market.

Here are the top ways by which your brand can exceed customer expectations.

Create a world-class customer service model

The customer service function is an important clog in the entire customer experience spectrum. And there is nothing worst for the future of a profit-driven business than a customer dealing with multiple customer service representatives to find a solution to a problem but still somehow not getting a clear, satisfying, and concrete solution. Today's tech-savvy and impatient customers are looking for instant gratification and you cannot win them unless you deliver exceptional products and after-sale services.

Institute an impactful employee training program

Most businesses are of the view that employee training and empowerment don't have a direct and significant influence on customer loyalty and retention. However, it is exactly the opposite. If done right, your employees can be your biggest ambassadors and advocates to keep your customers happy, loyal, satisfied, and delighted.

Therefore, it does make sense for you to empower them enough and treat them fairly and handsomely so they will gladly represent your brand, fight for your brand, empathize with end-consumers whenever needed, and go beyond the status quo to create and deliver a truly amazing experience.

Focus on the small things

Truth be told, the smallest things often make the biggest differences. A firm and welcoming handshake, a smile, or a simple note saying thank you! What's the first thing that your customer service representative tells a frustrated customer? How are your customers greeted at your store?

If you somehow feel that customers don't pay much attention to these small things, you're totally wrong! These small things can be the sole differentiator between a delightful experience and an average one for your customers and you should never ignore their importance.

Always add a personal touch

There is no denying the fact that a customer makes a purchase from a brand only when they related to it. Moreover, you need to understand that each customer is unique and so are their demands, expectations, and preferences. Therefore, you need to personalize the customer experience for every single customer of yours by carefully studying customer needs and aspirations.

Don’t make a sale, focus on building a relationship

The foundation of any successful business model is to look beyond a transaction or sale. Your focus should be on creating and nurturing solid relationships with your existing and potential customers. You need to realize that money will surely start flowing for your brand once you have understood the mechanism behind a buyer's journey. This way, you will have regular and loyal customers who would not think for a second before promoting your brand.

All in all, the complete hype surrounding customer experience is justifiably real.

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