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6 Easter Tips To Boost Your eCommerce Sales

Looking for the best tips to boost your eCommerce sales this Easter? There are simple things that you can do, irrespective of the size of your business or line of operations, to help your target audience choose you above others.

#1. Understand your customers

During the Easter holidays, a big majority of people prefer to spend time with their families and loved ones, eating out, shopping, going on trips, and relaxing. Therefore, it does make sense for you to understand the headspace your existing and potential customers are in so you can cater to their preferences, requirements, and expectations. For instance, perhaps your customers need new tires before they embark on a long trip with their special ones. Or maybe a customer buying tea is also looking for hot cross buns.

By proactively promoting your products and services, you can surely encourage your target audience to buy from you.

#2. Create a sense of urgency

The FOMO (fear of missing out) factor can play a big role in encouraging customers to buy, even more than they generally buy. You can leverage FOMO to clear out last season's products. Offer shoppers the opportunity to purchase sooner to save more.

#3. Special Easter offers

Who doesn't want to feel special and get drowned by huge discounts or a little something for free? This Easter, make your customers feel special and more valued by offering discount coupons, gift cards, or beautifully-decorated Easter eggs. You can even opt for a lucky draw for customers who buy from you over the Easter holidays.

#4. Bundling products and services together

You can pair two or more products and/or services to give customers more value from their purchases. For instance, you can bundle two pairs of jeans or chocolates together at a special price to encourage customers to buy more than they originally intended. You may even pair up complimentary products such as speckled egg manicure and eyebrow wax, or slippers and bunny pajamas. This will help you cross-sell and up-sell more while making the entire shopping experience easier and faster.

#5. Reach out to your audience

You can easily lose out on potential sales if your target audience isn't aware of your Easter deals. Therefore, you should make every possible effort to communicate your Easter offers and deals via a rich range of social media and other platforms. It is important to include the offer/deal start and end dates (and times) so that nobody misses out. To get started, you should leverage the potential of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach a large audience. Opting for social media campaigns or advertisements during the Easter season is also a great way to reach more customers and close more deals.

#6. Make sure you're using Microsoft Dynamics

Leverage the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics for small businesses like yours to extend your outreach and win more customers. Securely enter your customer details, their preferences, email address and other contact details, etc.

Easily track how many products get sold, find your best-performing employees, invite your customers to your blog section or social media pages, and find out which products and/or services were sold more and which didn't. Everything is possible with Microsoft Dynamics.

Need help with Microsoft Dynamics implementation or Microsoft Dynamics consultancy? Contact us at C.I.G Consultants now.


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