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A Quick Guide To Event Management In Dynamics 365

Whether you're an event planner, a business professional, or a marketer, the Dynamics 365 Marketing application can simplify event planning and management straightforward in many ways. From one-on-one consultations to large global conferences, Dynamics 365 Marketing allows you to harness a wide range of out-of-the-box event management capabilities right inside the Dynamics 365 Marketing app.

Let us find out how Dynamics 365 Marketing can help overcome all event planning and management and challenges with complete ease to make event marketing success for you.

Attracting the Right Attendees

When you're planning an event, you have a basic idea of the target audience that you are hoping will attend. This is where Microsoft Dynamics Marketing steps in and helps you gain a complete overview and identify, persuade, and win a commitment from your target audience. This is done by easy-to-design, personalized, and cross-channel registration campaigns coupled with robust segmentation with a 360-degree customer view and leveraging pre-engagement to increase impact and build loyalty.

For instance, you can connect to Microsoft Customer Insights to access demographic and behavioral data to create static or dynamic segments. You can even use natural language to generate segment targets. If this is not all, you can leverage Microsoft Customer Insights to explore enriched data such as lifetime value, affinities, preferences, and churn models, among other KPIs. Moreover, you can leverage pre-engagement surveys or polls, multiple event reminders, and an attendee confirmation button to drive commitment.

The pre-packaged Event Management module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing even helps you efficiently handle the logistics and administration of sessions, speakers, registrations, and venues in a single place.

Increasing Attendee Engagement

One of the biggest challenges for event organizers and managers is to ensure that attendees stay engaged during the event. You can use PowerPoint live and presenter mode in Microsoft Teams to deliver an engaging presentation. Moreover, you can explore captivating video and content layout options to keep your delivery fresh, unique, relevant, and engaging.

Delivering Effective Follow-up

Another critical challenge of event planning and management is to always keep the momentum going with timely follow-ups for event attendees. Dynamics 365 Marketing makes this easy by facilitating a smooth and seamless integration of Dynamics 365 Marketing and Microsoft Teams. This helps you export attendee information directly and automatically to the Dynamics 365 Marketing app.

If you're looking for a seamless and new event management solution, please feel free to get in touch with us. Our team will be happy to demonstrate how Dynamics 365 Marketing can be seamlessly configured to fit your specific requirements, preferences, and expectations while answering all your questions.


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