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All About The Microsoft Digital Contact Platform

Brand reputation is synonymous with customer experience in today's digital world. After all, today's tech-savvy and informed customers expect consistent, exceptional and effortless experiences across multiple touchpoints. This is where an open, extensible, and collaborative contact center solution such as Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform comes into the fray.

One of the biggest advantages of the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform is that empowers contact centers with out-of-the-box and modern digital tools to engage customers across video, voice, and other engagement channels that are powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams, Nuace, and the Microsoft Power Platform.

The Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform brings together a flexible and comprehensive solution for contact centers to deliver best-in class artificial intelligence (AI) that powers collaborative agent experiences, advanced telephony, business process automation, live customer engagements, self-service experiences, and fraud prevention abilities to name a few. The best thing is that organizations are completely free to start small or go big in the first place itself, add capabilities at the right time, and everything is on their terms.

In recent months, Microsoft has taken the standards of interoperability and compatibility with contact center systems and components to a completely different level by joining hands with top names in the segment of contact center infrastructure such as AccentureAvanade, Avaya, Genesys, HCL, NICE, and TTEC.

The Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform allows organizations to resolve customer needs, queries, and complaints quickly via customer self-service and automation. It also helps intelligently connect customers to live and virtual agents with the best-suited skills, availability, capacity, and experience while helping agents with AI-powered recommendations.

In addition to these advantages, the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform helps organizations deliver exceptional and hyper-personalized omnichannel services across digital and voice engagement channels. It can also used to leverage biometric authentication for the purpose of authenticating customers based on inherent biometrics and other factors. It also helps in preventing fraud and securing every customer and employee interaction while uncovering fraud patterns and attack vectors.

The list of advantages associated with the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform doesn't end here. The Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform allows organizations to access insights on how consumers interact with the brand throughouut their purchase journey. This helps in improving customer acquistion, enhance sales through upselling and cross-selling while tailoring personalized offers.

The Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform also helps agents with personalized conversational intelligence, including sentiment analysis so it becomes easier for them to understand customer needs, preferences, expectations, and emotions and create valuable upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Find out how you can enable agents to increase conversions, drive upsell and cross-sell revenue, and preemptively notify customers of special promotions and updates with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Call or email us now.


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