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All You Need To Kick Off Your Christmas Promotion

After the big Christmas sale, some businesses often find it difficult to maintain the same level of revenue. Thankfully, you can leverage some time-proven strategies to get sales up and running after Christmas.

Persist with marketing promotions until the end of the year

Several market analysts are of the view that businesses that stop doing marketing promotions after the exciting Christmas holidays and don't continue until the end of the year tend to lose big sales and traffic. This is simply because customers are still in a shopping mood and looking for some incredible deals to purchase products for gift cards they received as Christmas gifts.

Use gift cards that are valid in January

It is highly recommended that you should take advantage of the big boom traffic you have before or during Christmas. To get started, you can give gift cards valid in January as part of their purchase to customers. In other words, you can offer a gift card for a specific amount instead of offering a product discount. This way, you encourage customers to buy gifts for their loved ones and buy a treat for themselves as well.

Special ”January deals” and campaigns

Customer-centric businesses are more likely to win the trust and loyalty of their customers than profit-centric businesses. Therefore, it does make sense for you to thank all your customers and give them something special in return for their Christmas shopping. For instance, you can offer free returns and delivery to customers, while also extending the deadline for returns.

Contact customers who abandoned the shopping carts

It's always a smart idea to put tracking on shopping carts. This way, you can identify customers who have abandoned their shopping carts. You can turn them into first-time or repeat customers by sending "exclusive offers or discounts" to them to get their attention back. This can also be a great way to increase returning website traffic and increase sales.

Discount Christmas topsellers in January

Identify your topseller items during Christmas by leveraging data and offer incredible deals on them in January. This will help you significantly increase the conversion rate once the holiday sales are over.

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