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Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise Is Now Available In Preview

In 2019, Microsoft launched Azure Spring Cloud with VMware to solve the common challenges faced by IT operators, developers, and DevOps teams while running Spring Boot applications at scale. Since then, they have been appreciating the fully-managed infrastructure of Azure Spring Cloud that helps them focus on their apps.

At SpringOne 2021, Microsoft announced a new Azure Spring Cloud tier—Enterprise—that included commercially supported Spring runtime components to assist enterprise customers to unlock the full potential of Spring and ship faster. Now, Microsoft has announced that Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise is available in preview for all customers.

With Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise, users can access Spring experts for Spring app development and deployments while improving productivity. Built on top of all the features available in the Standard tier, Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise includes the ability to leverage the broader Azure ecosystem to supercharge Spring Boot applications. For instance, container creation, management, and governance at enterprise scale using open source Cloud Native Buildpacks and commercial VMware Tanzu Buildpacks are automated by fully-managed VMware Tanzu Build Service in Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise.

Tanzu Buildpacks makes it easier than ever to build Java, Spring, NodeJS, Python, Go, and .NET Core applications. Users can also leverage Tanzu Buildpacks to configure application performance monitoring agents such as Dynatrace, AppDynamics, Application Insights, New Relic, and Elastic. Moreover, users can easily manage and discover APIs and request routes exposed by applications via the fully managed Spring Cloud Gateway for VMware Tanzu and API portal for VMware Tanzu.

Find out how your organisation can leverage the potential of Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise. Call us at C.I.G Consultants now.


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